Effective Gifts Under 50 Dollars

Effective Gifts Under 50 Dollars For Any Occasion 

When it comes to gifting our lives most special human beings, we usually care less about going easy on our pockets. We rather put all our energy into getting something which they can cherish forever. Now, we gave this some thought and realized that as long as the gift is good it does not matter at what price it comes. So, we spent some time looking for effective gifts just under 50 dollars. These are gifts which can take good care of your pockets as well as your giftee. The other benefit is that the items mentioned can cater to any sort of event or occasion as a gift.  

1. Smart Speakers 

Good music has been a very good friend to us this pandemic. The soothing, melodious or groovy upbeat tunes would set our mood irrespective of what challenges we came across. Thus, a portable Bluetooth speaker had to be at the top of our list of valuable gifts for just under 50 dollars! 

Smart Speakers
Headshots from My3dselfie

2. Headshots from My3dselfie 

In case you are late to the party just know the party is not over yet! The customized 3D products of My3DSelfie are winning hearts across the globe. In a world dealing with a devastating pandemic, the 3D Selfie’s made them feel closer in touch with their loved and dear ones. The emotional value of these headshots are way higher than its worth. 

3. Mini Waffle Maker

Making waffles was never this easy! This one is for the friends who are always on the run skipping meals. Greet them with a mini waffle maker to express your concern over them not having their meals on time. Now they can at least make a yummy waffle for a quick bite between calls or Zoom meetings!  

Mini Waffle Maker
Play cards inspired by music greats

4. Play cards inspired by music greats 

Here is an abode for all the music loving folks. These play cards are a perfect cure for your Monday blues or for the ones who are still living in the midst of the fear of a lockdown. A game night with their favorite rock and roll or pop icon on the cards. 

5. Jason Markk Repel 

Nobody wants stain on their shoes but they still do cling onto our shoes like magnets. With this Jason Markk Repel, shoe lovers can do away with stains or liquid at just 17 dollars! If you know a sneaker lover then they are surely loving this gift from you. Else, you can gift this to yourself as it can be very handy after you take out your pet on a walk every time.  

Jason Markk Repel
Hydro Flask’s

6. Hydro Flask’s Travel Coffee Mug

Did you know about 400 million cups of coffee is consumed per day just in America alone. The fandom for coffee is very high. These flasks and mug are for all coffee lovers. Yes, like me and the 64% population of American adults, I am sure there are many who like the smell of coffee first thing in the morning. Sipping coffee anywhere made easy!

7. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter 

Though the official Earth day on calendar is 22nd April, we believe every day should be an Earth day. While the whole world is trying to take various measures to conserve water and all other natural resources. These personal water filters by Lifestraw are a real life hack. At a time when water scarcity is going to be a major concern for the world, as described by Lifestraw these filters are the ultimate survival tool. 

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter
Homesick Scented Candle

8. Homesick Scented Candle 

Nostalgia equals to these scented candles which can bring back beautiful memories of your past with its aroma. This actually sounds like a great gift for a friend or family who are at a distance from you. It also does bring in a breeze of positivity in the room with its fragrance.  

9. My Family Cookbook 

Thinking of an activity to perform with your family on your next holiday? This family cookbook can be a great deal of fun. Think of all the secret recipes in your family put them all on this book and preserve it as a keepsake for the generations to come. Every time they miss that dish you made, they can look for the cook book! 

 My Family Cookbook
Phone Lens Kit

10. Phone Lens Kit

For all the passionate photography lovers and the instagrammers in the house, this phone lens kit gives you an upper hand in flexing your skills of capturing beautiful moments just with the help of your phone. Mobile photography has definitely evolved into a legit profession and if you know of an enthusiastic mobile photographer then you know what to gift them now. 

There are numerous ways to gift a person. The toughest part is to touch one’s heart with your gift. The aforementioned items are only a few from hundreds of other such options like a Home Brewing Kit, Touch Screen Gloves or Touchland’s Hand Sanitizer. We hope these suggestions can be of great help to you and that it delivers the message across that you care!