Gifting Ideas for Friends.

15 Gifting Ideas For Friends

How does a world without friendship looks like? It means you will no longer have to share your food or clothes, no more gossips, no more parties and no more fun adventures and trips. But hey! “Welcome to the real world, it sucks. You are gonna love it!” Yes, it is so hard to imagine a life without friends. The fights, the arguments and the satisfaction, that no matter what you have someone to share your deepest secrets with, a companion in whom you confide all your emotions. A true friend is a rare imperishable gem. Your true friend will never leave your side irrespective of what circumstances arise. Thus, we came up with these unique gifting ideas for you to cherish the bond with your dearest friend! Gifts that will make them remember you all the time and bring a sparkling smile on their face. 

1. Silicone Bread Maker

For the friend who takes ‘do it yourself’ pretty seriously, this Silicone bread maker is the perfect way to express that you as a friend acknowledge their zeal. Not only will this gift encourage them, it would also be etched in their memories forever.

Silicone Bread Maker
Book on pie making.

2. The Book On Pie

If your friend drools over a platter of sumptuous pies, you know this is the book which needs to be on their shelf. The two of you can also engage in a fun activity of making the recipes that you like from the book.

3. Modern Sprout Glow and Scented Candle 

For the flora loving friend who also has a high admiration for aroma. While the sprout signifies the growing bond between the two of you, the scented candle will remain as a source of remembrance every time you are not around your friend. 

Aroma candles with essential oil.
A personalized gift box.

4. Curate A Personalized Gift box

Here is a test for you, make a checklist of all the things that your friend likes and then curate a personalized box which will consist o19f all their favourites. Top it off the old school way with a handwritten letter citing how grateful you are for their presence in your life.  

5. Joking Hazard by Cyanide and Happiness

For the friends who set calendar reminder for their game or party nights, this Joking Hazard by Cyanide and Happiness is the perfect recipe to set you and the on a laughter ride on your next game night. I would definitely grab it without any second thoughts for some relaxation with friends. 

Joking Hazard by cyanide
Cocktail mixer jar

6. Cocktail Mixer Case 

For the friends who observe happy hours glancing at the sunset with a glass of custom made cocktail, this cocktail mixer will remind them how well do you admire their taste!  

7. Carbonated Growler

The carbonated growler by Growlerwerks is the ultimate vessel to keep your drinks cool for long hours. This comes especially handy when you are on a hike or an adventurous trip with your friend and craving for some chilled beer. 

Carbonated growlers by Growlerwerks
Bundle of coffee flavours.

8. Coffee Gift Bundle 

For the caffeine loving friend who loves to make a collection of different types and flavours of coffee from across the world. The idea of a coffee gift bundle would definitely brighten up their mood and day. Know that you will be remembered every time your friend takes that sip of coffee. 

9. Manicure and Pedicure set

For the friend who does not pay much attention to self-care. In an extremely busy world where we are manifesting and chasing our dreams, often enough we forget to pay attention to our dear ones not just that we also do not focus on our own self. This set will give your friend a chance for some self-care. 

Pedicure and Manicure set.
Instax camera.

10. Instax Camera

For the social-media influencer friend, well influencer or not this instant camera is a great medium for capturing of beautiful moments and cherishing memories. You can also consider this gift as an option for the friend who has an interest in photography.

11. Touch Bracelets

For the inseparable friends, let distance not be a bone of contention any longer. In fact, let these bracelets be the apple of your eyes. These touch bracelets are here at your rescue, touch it and your friend will know that you miss them.  

Unisex touch bracelet
Distance state coffee mug.

12. Long Distance State Coffee Mug

For the friends who loathe distance, these State coffee mugs can be personalized to your current location. So distance cannot do you apart because these mugs will make sure that your friend remembers you every time when the holding the mug.

13. Laser Engraved Photo

A laser engraved photo of you and your friend can be worth a lifetime of memories. A wonderful display of affection and a strong testimony of the bond share by the two of you. This should be on the bucket list of every person looking for a gift with high emotional value for their friend. 

Laser Engraved Photo
Custom Bobblehead

14. Custom Bobbleheads

How about My3DSelfie’s custom Bobble head of your friend in his favourite dress or the way you like it. Bobbleheads are real fun collectibles that everyone can keep as a home decor or office collectible, and if its a customised Bobble head of a person himself then that could be the best gift. Send us the reference photographs while placing your order and give us any customisation ideas that you have. Your friend's custom Bobble head can be shipped anywhere in the world.

15. Life Planner 

For the visionary friend who likes to stay ahead of the curve, gifting this life planner will extend your support towards their ambition and would also encourage them to pursue their dreams persistently. Whether you are a part of their future plans or not, your gift will definitely be their lifetime companion.  

A life planner is a lifetime companion.